Sweepy - The Dustboot that sucks

Well, I want a Sweepy !!!

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Is there any performance info on how the weight of the sweepy (with presumably a portion of the weight of a suspended vacuum hose) affects or stresses the z-axis vertical precision? I would be most interested in above performance info employing the dewalt (or makita) routers in a GT2 belted shapeoko 3… For example, would the mass increase cause any stepper motor slippage? Does the increased mass have any implications for max acceleration value?

I currently have the SuckIt, and that system hangs its weight on the stationary z-axis mounting plate/crossbar…

The Sweepy is tiny and quite light — I think it’d be imperceptible to the machine in comparison to the cutting forces.

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I think it is awesome that Carbide are including one with each new machine. Should help encourage healthy CNC habits from the get go. Now to wait till one is in stock…


Nice! Any plans for a Nomad dust boot in the future?

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Guess these are selling fast. I received an email saying they were in stock today. Four hours later when I get a chance to actually order… out of stock (for the carbide router). I’m going to have to get faster on the trigger.

It was a very small batch put up in the store — hopefully a bunch more will go up presently.

Can I pre pay for one lol! I was also too slow.

I’m afraid that our shop isn’t set up to allow pre-orders.

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Thank you Will,
I figured out how to get one, I just had to order a second machine…

or you can head over to the Contests section, and win one.
2.5days left :slight_smile:


Haha, all my machines will have 5/16 aluminum spoilboards, I don’t think the Gaters will work for me…
Plus I recently got commissioned to do my first actual job, another executive name plate which I am knee deep in.

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Please offer a free “additional accessory” to the sweepy dust boot you just sold many people that figuratively “sucks” and not literally.

Several of us cannot attain proper dust collection due to the rigidity of the brushes included preventing the router to plunge past a certain depth which is insufficient for many jobs.

It would be rather unethical to make customers pay for an accessory from you which consequently requires an additional accessory to work properly, and it’s not advertised as such. I hope I’m not the only one who feels this way.


Agreed, it makes me wonder if they tested this well after the production run as I ran into the design issue my first job.

It was tested, with many iterations — it’s unfortunate that the prototypes weren’t all kept — my understanding is @wmoy’s favourite was a version without any bristles

I’ve been considering a revisiting of that, and making a temporary shoe which would allow me to use a cache of old transparency films I rescued from the trash as dust skirts — obviously that will be this evening’s project (as opposed to cutting up aluminum extrusion to make parallels or making a run to Harbor Freight for a set).

Does anyone know where to get a hose that fits these? I have no less than 4 vacs and probably a dozen hose and adapter sizes, I can’t find anything that fits. A few came close to fitting over the outside, but the design of the Sweepy doesn’t allow that.

It was designed around a festool/Fein but the ID is 35-36mm and @SLCJedi has actually designed an adaptor for it if you don’y like using small diameter hoses (which we’d recommend)

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As @Luke noted, Festool hoses fit (inside), and folks have designed adapters.

This commercially available adapter works:


and I think a universal one will work if one cuts away the unnecessary parts.

There was also a hose posted to the Unofficial Facebook group which was noted as working well.

The brush is easy to remove. Was not glued in place on my Sweepy, just a press fit. Replaced with some brush I had on hand for my homemade dust boot (in image back ground).


To clarify, my favorite was whichever one was the right fit for what I was cutting. Going bristle-free is desirable when you’re using a shorter endmill, like our 102 1/8". It doesn’t stick far enough out of the collet and would cause the standard bristle length to compress excessively, especially as your cut depth approaches 1/2". Bristle-less does not provide the best containment, but with a modest vacuum it is enough to more than neutralize the router downdraft, preventing smaller airborne particles from escaping. Bigger chips will still be flung outward, but they will settle quickly.

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