Sweepy - The Dustboot that sucks

Since we don’t have or can afford Festool/Fein, I understand that the port fits ShopVac hoses that have a 2 1/2" connections at one end to a smaller one at the other end. I can’t see one that has 35mm but there are some that go to 1.25in.

Personally I’m not a fan of the new item based on the specs but I have not tried it. My issues are that it was designed for a vacuum system that has unique sizing and not overly popular in North America and it attached to spindle.

I guess that you can’t hit a homerun everytime.

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I used one of those universal hose adapters that have step-ridges (see below… not exact one maybe but similar) I cut off the first two levels, and sanded the third until I got a tight press fit sufficient enough to be air-tight. May add epoxy or something later, maybe not. This connects to the previous hose that was connected to my suck-it boot. I hope there will be future products that have metric and imperial parts to add potential issues/confusion for us to work-around. :roll_eyes:

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I confuse easily; does this mean you recommend small diameter hoses or you recommend that we don’t like small diameter hoses.

Well, I ordered the one from amazon, we’ll see how it works. I was just surprised how small it is, but the small hoses I have are too small. Crazy how many sizes of hoses there are, even within the same brands.


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Where get one obtain these bristles?

I have a smaller Ridgid vac on a table next to my Shapeoko XXL that was too small for the Sweepy hose opening (1.25" diameter). I 3D printed an adapter that seems to work OK - it just needs a bit of electrical tape around the outside to help seal it. A link to the STL file is below if you want to print one yourself.

Sweepy_Adapter_2.stl (1.2 MB)

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Where can I find the adaptor you referenced above? I ran into an issue with my hose/adapter setup because it needs to be offset to avoid hitting the router mount. I found this on thingiverse which appears to address the issue, but haven’t had the chance to try it out yet:


Perhaps it would be possible in the future to supply an adapter for both of the hose sizes so that one is not limited to a choice based solely on the router being used?

plenty of options on amazon: https://amzn.to/37l6ekJ

Also, have you googled “standing broom NASA” I think there is a viral hoax about what you’re going through.

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I got the 2" strip brush from Grainger (https://www.grainger.com/) some years ago for my homemade dust boot. The plastic bristle binding is a little too wide for the Sweepy, so I shaved it down to a press fit with a sharp utility knife. Took about 15 minutes to change out the original shorter brush. Sorry, I no longer remember just what brush I purchased.


I made my own adapter for the suckit dust boot. It seems like you could mill your own adapter for about any setup you have. You could make one that fits on the outside if you have a larger hose if needed.


Adding my hose adaptor 2.5 design to the mix. Let me know if anyone wants the STL.


When will they start being sold separately? Is it possible to preorder?

They will be sold separately when we have sufficient stock to put them up in the store.

I’m afraid our shop software isn’t set up to allow pre-orders.

Has anyone tried this from Woodcraft/Woodriver?

I tried this option The flange at the top interferes with the router. I could modify (cut off) the flange, but I’d still have to squeeze the top adapter so much that I couldn’t get a hose in there.

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Got a link to the bristles?

This is REALLY frustrating! One of the reasons I liked the Shapeoko unit was because it was Made in the USA - then they go and design a dust boot that fits EUROPEAN hoses - and no one seems to be able to come up with an adapter sort of making their own. The Shapeoko Help Desk (who is very responsive, I’ll give them that) recommended a Bosch VAC004, which is a 35mm to 2.5" adapter, but the 35mm side is female - so is the Sweepy adapter - so I need an adapter to fit the adapter. Ugh… There has got to be something out there.

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here’s an adapter:


and here’s a hose with pretty standard fitting:


FWIW, my Craftsman Track Saw has a dust hose which has the same outside diameter (~35mm), so there seems to be some support for this size domestically.


Someone should make a YouTube video where in CC they draw a few circles, then cut it out on their Shapeoko. Name it something like the YouTuber Sweepy Adapter. I think it will be wildly popular.