Switch connector issues on Shapeoko 4?

Is anyone having issues with the connectors of the limit switches on the Shapeoko 4? When I wiggle the connectors around while having the switches on(via a piece of metal) I see the switches intermittently disconnecting. This has caused a number of crashes from time to time during the homing cycle. carbide3d already sent me a new set of switches as some of my original ones were defective and even a new z cable unfortunately all the cables(stock and the one replacement) behave the same, specifically around the connection from the sensor to the extension cables.

Please write in to support@carbide3d.com and we will do our best to assist.

Thanks @WillAdams already did and you guys have been awesome! I’m just wondering if others are facing the same issue, thinking maybe there is a trick to getting these connectors to form better contacts or something…

I had this very problem on my SPXXL Z-limit switch. I contacted Support and they walked me through some trouble shooting and had me send pics and video. Ended up sending me a new connection wire.
All done very expediently and professional! A1 Service!

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Agree, carbide3d support is absolutely amazing!

Thanks for sharing, sounds like I’m not doing anything wrong.

I just finished a build on a Shapeoko 4 and I think I am having this same issue. I ran a couple really small projects cut a square, triangle and circle all about 1/8 deep. Mainly to get a feel for the Software and work flow. I paused a cut then restarted and it couldn’t find the Z. I stopped the cut then homed the robot and it goes to the z-axis limit and crashes and starts buzzing. After power cycling the unit. Still the z-axis isn’t connecting. I have isolated to the connection at the top of the Gantry by just unplugging and re-plugging seems to temporarily fix the issue and can rehome and restart the job. I plan to reach out to support. I have used these black push on connectors in other applications and they are not the most reliable. In fact we used to put a dab of clear Silicon on the connector to further help prevent accidental movement

I had the same problem also. My replacement Z motor cable connector up by the Z-axis limit did the same thing after I replaced it. I ended up bypassing the connector and soldering the
corresponding wires and individually heat tubed them. It was an instant fix to a worrisome and continuing problem. All is good now works every time !

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