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My last computer went bad and up till then everything worked fine. I switched computers and now i can connect but thats all. Error keeps saying " There was an error during homing process, Carbide Motions was unable to move off homing switch"

You can turn off power and SLOWLY move off homing switch. Make sure the right machine is chosen in CM.

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Done that, says the same thing even if its in the middle of the table

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First, ensure the machine is all the way off all homing switches and that the BitSetter button is not stuck down and the BitZero and groundlead are not touching.

Power up and connect to the machine, go to Settings — what shows under Active Inputs?

Let us know at support@carbide3d.com

Moved away from homing switches, bittsetter is good, removed the bitzero. The software is different than what I was using looks like this is an updated version “618”. Nothing about active inputs in settings

The router is all the way down its not moving up, seems to be trying to come down but is at its limit already. Can it be manually moved up?

Make sure everything is in good mechanical shape and lubricated.

You can move the Z-axis up/down by rotating the lead screw.

Which z-axis do you have and what is CM configured to?

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I have the Pro XXL the Z has a spiral rod

Z drive trying to move down usually indicates EITHER a stuck Z proximity switch, OR you have the wrong Z configured. Two different Z drives have the ‘spiral rod’, post a picture here and we can tell you what you have (Z Plus or HDZ).

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The HDZ and the Z-Plus run in opposite directions. The first thing in initialization is the Z homes. So if your Z moves down instead of up you picked the wrong Z. Most machines have the Z-Plus but if you upgraded or bought it with the HDZ you would know. The Z-Plus has the leadscrew and at the bottom is a stud with a hole in it that the leadscrew goes through and there is no bearing at the bottom. The HDZ has a ball screw and at the bottom is a bearing block.

Here is a picture of the HDZ for SO4. Notice the bearing block at the bottom.

Here is a picture of the Z-Plus. Notice the lack of a bearing block.


Definatly the first one HDZ

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