Switching between bits in 1 project

Good day,
I am new to CNC’s and have recently bought a Shapeoko 3xxl.
I have been successful with some projects but I have run into a problem.
I will design my project with different bits for different sections of the project. When I change the bits when the software asks for it then the project continues but the new bit doesn’t go in deep enough to do the project. It seems like the machine thinks it still has the old bit it which I used to set it up with at the beginning of the project.

How do I setup a project to use different bits and then the bit going deep enough to the stock I’m using?

Thank you

What software are you using to generate your toolpaths?
Easy way is to split the job. Run your entire job with one bit. Change tools, re-zero, and run next job.

For a fun alternative, check what I did here:

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Hi Neil,

I am using carbide create for running the cnc

Carbide 3D has very good tutorial on tool bit changes during a CNC OP
I personally save the G-code separate for each tool bit. Re home. Rapid reposition and reset the Z zero again for the new bit/toll and your good to go.

Just watch the turtorial is very good explains it all.

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Hi I’m new to this forum. I normally do the cuts in sections to avoid this problem and ensure I don’t waste material. I also make a small pin hole from one of the bits I’m using so I know where it exactly is.

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