SXL not following programming

I wanted to set up my new wasteboard. I programmed CC to do 3//4 inch holes 2 inches apart. When I run the program, the first hole is only 1/2 in and then the bit goes to the second hole and starts it’s carve at about 1/8 inch above the wasteboard. Here are some pics:


Any suggestions? I have completely powered down the machine and reloaded the job. All my jogs are zero

Please post the .c2d file.

Is this an SO3 XL?

Are you just now setting up a newly purchased machine?

No, I’ve had it for two years. Sometime in July the X axis motor blew up and I got replaced in the X axis motor and the control module. Got everything back together, and I actually carved a small sign for somebody. Then I decided to clean up the machine and put a new wasteboard on. I was just trying to put holes in it for my hold downs. I am thinking that I’m going to have to take off my z-axis motor and check for slippages

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Belt-drive Z-axis? Is the belt in good condition? If not, contact us at

Will. Thanks for your help. You promted me to look at the belt and sure enough, it was not as tight as can be. I tightened it and it is running like a champ. THANK YOU!!!

I am going to try to sell this 3XL so i can upgrade to the new 4


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