Sync & charging station, bamboo style


Here’s a little project I just completed (mostly to satisfy my bamboo-cutting addiction).

It all started with a bunch of small cutting boards:

and a much larger one, which pushed my standard size Shapeoko to its X/Y limits:

I drew all pieces in Carbide Create (did I mention I’m addicted to CC too?) and cut them:

Assembly in progress (and yet another reminder of the great precision of the SO3: everything fit perfectly on the first try):

And the assembled stand:

The box part hidden behind the stands hosts a Raspberry Pi and USB hub, that manage both the charging and a nightly automatic data backup of connected devices (if you are curious : more info here)

Here it is doing its job with our gismos plugged in:

I’m quite happy with the result, I bought my Shapeoko exactly for stuff like this and it’s great fun to be able to MAKE things from scratch !