Sync Tool Library across Macs

I looked through different posts, and the last one I saw was from December 2022 about sharing tool libraries across Mac machines. Has this been addressed in Carbide Create at all? I want to be able to use CC on two different Macs, but I don’t have any idea how to, and obviously the Windows option doesn’t work for me. I would like to design on some bigger screens, but it’s kind of difficult when I am concerned about my libraries syncing.

Thank you!

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What sort of file sharing/network drive options are available to Macs? Which are you signed up with?

I currently use both iCloud and OneDrive. iCloud is the Mac-based option while OneDrive is through the Office 365 Suite… I’ve found both of these to be useful, and I’ve found that I like them better than Dropbox.

Does neither of these afford the option to move a folder and then replace it w/ a Shortcut/symlink/hard-link which automatically causes the networked copy to be accessed from the link?

You should be able to. You have an option to sync your documents folder across iCloud. Do you know the tool library path on the mac version?

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I have no clue. I think I finally understand how my parents feel when I’ve tried to explain to them some technology thing. I think I just hit that point in my life and I’m sad now.

The Tool Path Library is in the Library of the Users folder - I don’t think there is a way to sync that with iCloud. The library doesn’t point to the documents folder.

You should be able to create a tool library directory in the icloud and then replace the normal one with a link. I’ve wanted to try this but havent’ gotten around to it yet.

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It should be something like:

  • move Tool library to Documents folder which is synched to the cloud
  • make a Shortcut of it and put where the original folder was

If you have a bunch of custom tools why not just copy the tool databases to each computer. Unless you are constantly adding tools that is pretty much a 1 time thing. The ideas for a network solution are good but if you are not comfortable doing that then:

Open CC, in the Help menu select About. Then select Open Data Directory. Then navigate to the Carbide Motion folder and then Tools. This is where your custom tool databases live. Just copy them and drop the on the second computer. The only time you will have to update is if you add a new tool.

That would be simpler and more efficient than all the network solutions.

How about Air Drop your Tools folder between the Macs?

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Hi again! Just wanted to give a quick update. I tried doing an alias to the folder, but that caused CC to crash on opening… That clearly didn’t want to work. I then tried making an alias for just the files within the tools, and that worked on first look, but when I tried to add a toolpath, the only tools that were recognized were ones that I didn’t even have in the file. Go figure on that one.

So I ended up saving copies of the files from my original computer to iCloud, and then adding a copy to the tools library in the Library folder. That actually worked, and I think I’ll do that going forward.

@gdon_2003 is right, I don’t add tools super often, so this can work just fine… until the next time and I forget, lol

Thanks all for your suggestions - I think pointing to the Library folder in a Mac just causes some problems since it’s not a great tool for Cloud. This all makes sense since the Library is user/computer specific, but it would be nice to be able to fully sync them. That’s likely an Apple thing though…

I’ve been running a shared folder from a Windows 11 computer that is always on. I can remote in and have been able to edit the files from three different computers. One over VPN, one connected via ethernet and one via WiFi. So far no issues. (but I am currently waiting on my spindle to arrive for S5 so haven’t cut anything yet). I just make sure all my work goes into that folder and always gets saved before I shut down a computer.

Might be worth looking into for the Mac.

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