T-Slot in MDF table

Might be a dumb question but has anyone tried or has thoughts on using a t slot bit on the carbide3d mdf table for the nomad to make the mdf bed t-slotted?

Folks have tried it, the MDF tends to tear out.

If you have a fully supported clamping setup at the top a dovetail bit seems to work a bit better.

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This is on my list of things to do. I’ve bought aluminium t-track and was going to route slots out and bolt them to the MDF - I’m not sure cutting t-tracks into wood would work well, woodwork wise.

The stock board for the nomad has not been very useful in my experience. The aluminium plate on the machine itself is… well… mostly useless by itself. I bought the screwed aluminium table and have used that since, but the hole placements are not ideal for me since I always home to the centre… with stock that is multiples of 25mm/1" I always find the nearest hole is half-covered or an inch away.

So I’m hoping for a t-track/screwed hybrid but haven’t had time to make one as yet.

I have several sizes of t slot router bits. I tried out these on mdf and mdf is too soft to hold securely and the mdf gets crushed. If you want t slot go with aluminum t slots with flat head bolts not screws. The mdf is too thin if you route out a slot for alum tracks. I prefer 2 inch spacing with 5/16 inch tee nuts. I use two sizes of oak cam clamps. I also have several other clamps like gator and oops clamps. You should also consider the painters blue tape and super glue. The t tracks usually use the tall clamps and are a crash waiting to happen.

I like your cam clamps, though two of those would probably fully fill the 8x8 table in question.

Gerrard. Sorry I did see you have a Nomad. But the advise for router bit cut t tracks still applies. The mdf is too soft and the deeper you make the track to compensate for the mushyness of mdf the more likely the mdf will warp. I am not a big fan of tall clamps but everyone works differently.


I overlooked your point about tall clamps being a crash waiting to happen… that’s probably worse in such a small space, too!

I was hoping to use the t-tracks as movable stops so I can do double-sided work and relocate work properly. I’ll have to find something nice and low-profile for that, I think.

I use an L shaped bracket to secure my projects with cam clamps. Carbide makes the gator and another clamp that is small and low profile. You can use the L bracket for round objects as well.

Thanks for all the info guys. I think Im going to go with the blue tape and gluw for a bit. Anyone have any info on a vice other than the carbide3d vice?

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