T-Track and clamp kit

Recently purchased the t-track and clamp kit. Per the instructions I screwed it onto the waste board. But I find over time with clamping, the screw will be pulled up from the wasteboard. Wish I had thought of this before and I would have used a different wasteboard underneath (Plywood). I would love to hear from others that have the t-track how they have gotten around this.

You could remove your t-track and where the previous holes were drill for a threaded brass insert. Screw the brass inserts in. Then replace the wood screws in the t-track with threaded flat head screws. A flat head screw/bolt has a bugle shape and fits in the v shaped hole in the t-track.

To determine the hole size needed for the threaded inserts measure with your calipers the bottom of the v shaped groves in the insert and make your hole the closest size to that measurement. I would recommend you chamfer the hole for the insert because mdf tends to mount up when you screw the insert in and that makes the base board uneven. I have a t shaped wrench to insert the threaded inserts but you can also take a bolt and nut and put the nut on the bolt and screw the insert tightly against the nut and use a socket or wrench to insert you threaded insert. Seat the threaded inserts just below the surface to keep them from interfering with you spoil board or t-track flattness.


I used 1" ply for my base.
I hand-routed slots the width of my t-tracks into it, about 1/2" deep. I screwed the t-tracks into the ply, and cut strips of MDF to sit between the t tracks and be the sacrificial part

with decent length screws the t-tracks don’t pull out at all


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