T-track extrusion

Had occasion to draw this up:


I’ve found that 1/4"-20 hardware (Imperial) and square M6 (metric) fits well, albeit a little loose — anyone know the nomenclature for the appropriate size(s) of T-nuts? (I’m guessing it’s different for Imperial and metric) — are there clamp kits which fit especially well?


I’ve used these:

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Go here: https://www.orangealuminum.com/t-tracks-and-framing-systems/t-slot-accessories.html
Cursor down to “Nuts” for info.
ALSO: Go here: https://www.orangealuminum.com/t-tracks-and-framing-systems/t-tracks-and-accessories.html
Go far down on page where T-Track lengths are displayed and then click on the “DETAILS” button to get the same type of info as you drew out in your post.
I did a lot of searching about 1 yr ago and this was the cheapest place to buy T-Track around the U.S. As always “Buyer Beware” and be AWARE of what sizes of T-Track you’re requesting info on.


One option I’ve considered is Kreg Tools bench track/clamp system…
Anyone tried it?


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