T Track Nuts for Shapeoko Pro

Anyone know where you can buy the T Track Nuts that come with the Shapeoko Pro. Looks like they take a M6 Button Head Screw

Following - I’m interested in these myself.

The T-nuts are standard ones such as one can pick up at pretty much any machining shop for use on metric T-slot tables.

For dimensions see:

I got these, they work great:



Thanks Guys. I’ll some some of these

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Finally got the Pro set up for my classroom, and I now see the need for these T-nuts. I was literally just helping a student with a design that uses captive nuts, and I made these as a quick example to give him a better idea. And it will also help with clamping.
Prints without supports, with an easy cleanup. If I make a bunch more, I might remove the top “tube” and print on the side. Regular M6 nut fully inserted. I’m sure it’ll hold for even the most psychotic clampers.
I will get the models on Thingiverse if anyone is interested.




Hi Neil. They look like decent T Track Nuts. Definitely be interested in a Thingiverse link if you’re still willing :slight_smile:

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@DeadMetal Welcome to the community!
They are decent nuts, thank you.
I’ll see if I can get a link up tonight or sometime soon. In the meantime, here is the STL.
T-nut_soPro.stl (272.2 KB)


Wow, those look great. I am assuming that 1/4-20 hardware no longer works now with the t-tracks?

T-nut_soPro_14-20.stl (273.9 KB)


Thanks! Now to find some 3D printable clamps.

I would say mill them (from wood or aluminum) rather than print them?
A clamp needs to be quite rigid, or bad things tend to happen.
Those green ones on the pic are C3D’s fiber-reinforced ones.
I am aware that there are all kinds of fancy 3D filaments nowadays and I am not saying it’s not possible to print good sturdy clamps, but I wonder if it is worth it (when one has a CNC, that is!)

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There are a couple of designs at:


I tried a couple of different 3D printed designs — they work, but have a lot of flex and give and I came to view them as even more disposable than the wooden or plastic ones which are easily cut out:

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Fiber-reinforced? Ah. I thought they were just plastic. Perhaps I’ll try milling a few then. If the t track nuts weren’t so small, I’d probably try milling those too.