T-track question

Why do most of the images I see of T-track systems installed on the Shapeoko have the tracks aligned parallel with the Y axis? The front and rear end plate would prevent sliding a T bolt into the track unless you shorten the tracks to allow for the end plates. If you run the track parallel to the X axis There is already space under the Y1 and Y2 extrusions which would allow you to easily access the tracks

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Yep, I run my t-track parallel to X.

A large advantage of gantry-style machines is the ability to run material beyond the front and back of the machine (which I have done numerous times).

With t-tracks parallel to the X, I can still clamp that material, but I’d be unable to do so with track running perpendicular to the X unless the t-track length exceeded the length of the material.

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If the T track is no longer than the wasteboard, even if it’s inset, there should be room to load from the front.

Sure, you can load, but you can’t use it to clamp, if the material is completely covering the track.

That’s why the span between the outermost two tracks on my T track setup is 36.75":


Mine goes left-right, works fine. I don’t have a need for going off the front of the machine though. From what I’ve seen, looks like about 50/50 which way anyone lays this out.

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