Tab removal in CC

I am working with the tab feature and placed a tab accidentally how do I delete it??

I placed a bunch of tabs and only want to delete the 1

I had the same problem last night while fiddling around with CC. I kept clicking on the original tabs like I do in VCarve, but it just made more tabs in the same place. Ctrl+Z for undo undid actions prior to making the tabs, but to get rid of the extra tabs I had to remove all, then start over. @WillAdams have you seen this before?



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I had 72 tabs on a job that was using an 8"x8" piece of FR4 circuit board. Not a lot of fun redoing it but thats what I did as well

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Yeah, that’s one to put in as a feature request — ability to select and move / delete already placed tabs.

FWIW, I try to adjust the grid before placing tabs to ensure that they’ll go where I want.

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I started a very unofficial thread with some suggestions here, but Will always recommends emailing them into customer service. I like the thread only because people can see what others have suggested to avoid duplication. Doesn’t hurt to add it both places.

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