Table/Bench top for Shapeoko Pro XXL

Hi, I’m currently waiting on my Shapeoko Pro XXL to ship and I’m about to start building the bench/table for it to sit on. So I have a question about the top material which the CNC will sit on. I have a large 4.5 x 4.5 inch Granite top that I would like to use for the top. Granite and marble stays dead flat. So I’m curious would this make a good or great platform for the CNC to sit on?


May want to add nonskid material under the machine to keep movement from vibration under control.

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Thank you for your reply. So question in your opinion do you feel it would be better to just use plywood or mdf instead of the granite top? I was just considering the flatness and strength of the granite top. And so maybe the wood top would be best here. Any thoughts? Thanks

I have MDF under my SPXXL. I get some vibration but not enough to move the machine. I would think granite, though it may be flat, is smooth as well thus may move.
I have nothing to reference my thought prosses to but logic dictates this may be the case. In my humble opinion.
When sanding I use drawer liner from the store. Being a rubber like material keeps my workpiece from moving. On top of the granite this may work as well to stabilize the machine. (Cheap fix)


I’d agree with that.

The granite will likely help you keep it level and flat once set up, with some sticky feet on it to stay put on the granite. Also, some inertia will help reduce table vibration as the machine moves.

It’s not necessary but if you have no other use for it, go for it.


I assume you meant feet, not inches?

I think a granite top would be marvelous for a base. Waterproof if you ever want to use coolant. It’s certainly not going to move much (warp, bend or shrink).
Is this a granite surface plate, or a chunk of countertop granite?
If it’s precision ground, I think I’d not want to waste it on the machine but use it as a work surface for higher precision work. Counter tops are not usually ground that close, but it would still serve as a good machine base.


Hello Lyric, Here are a few pictures of the bench I made for my XXl. I used a Kreg table frame, Amazon I think, and a Butcherblock countertop from Home Depot. I had to add another 2x6 to make the width accommodate the base. I’ve been using it regularly for 2 years now and only have had to replace the cheap castors that I originally installed. No shifting or sling, level and stable. Enjoy, John


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