Table Measurement Guides

Something for C3D to consider as an option… Rail measurement guides (imperial / metric).


  • Quick sighting of material placement on the wasteboard.

My Solution:

  • 2x 7/8" aluminum rail for south and north X axis
  • 2x FastCap Peel & Stick Standard / Metric Measuring Tapes
  • Start Southwest X/Y Axis at 0 for 1st tape measure set
  • Start Northeast X/Y Axis at 0 for 2nd tape measure set

This provides for quick NW homed positions (running negative E->W / N->S) as well as SW homed positions (running positive W->E / S->N). Perhaps this is not a need for many, but for me I like having a visual on my materials and correlating to CAD designs. Not particularly accurate, but good for approximations. Thinking to make a jig for quick X/Y coordinate spotting.

Would be nice if Carbide Motion had jogging to specific location like some other GRML progs… (maybe I missed the option if it already exists).

Though this is a recommendation, I am also receptive to considerations I might have missed / downfalls with this solution. :beers:

Note: The guides match on X/Y axis zero - the angle of picture gives appearance they are not aligned…

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I think you can set up jogging to a specific location in quick actions. Haven’t tried it myself because going into that screen seems to hang the Pi sometimes.

I actually have some of those peel and stick tapes that I bought some time ago and may use them for this.

If you have s specific location you want to return to more than once or twice, then you can use Quick Actions. I would recommend using metric for this kind of positioning.

I am assuming here that you want to move to a given location relative to the machine, not to your current toolpath zero.

  • Jog to the location you want to return to.
  • While on the Jog screen, click on the text on the left that reads ‘Position’. Your display should now be in Machine Co-ordinates. In particular, all the co-ordinates should be negative numbers.
  • Create a new Quick Action. Give it a good name for that location. Add the following code:
G90 G21
G53 G00 Z-10
G53 G00 X-10 Y-10

As written, this will first retract on Z, then move to the upper right (i.e, near Machine 0). I use this Quick Action before I shut down the machine, so that the next time I use that machine the Homing process will complete more quickly.

  • Substitute your own Machine co-ordinates on the second-last line.
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Thanks for sharing. My feature request would be to enter ad-hoc X / Y coords, relative to machine bed and hit GO.

That’s in the MDI and “Machine Positions”

  • enable MDI in Settings

  • click on “Positions” to put the machine into Machine Position readout (or jog all the way to the front-left corner and set zero there) — note that machine position will start at the back right corner

  • go to the MDI and type

    G0 X<pos> Y<pos>
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Doh :thinking: - the simple answer was in my blindspot. I need to read up on GRBL (n00b to CNC here). Thanks for the tip!

My inclination for all this is to make a Rapid Position point the origin since it can be gotten to quickly.

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