Table Reccomendations for HDM?

I’d return that…$800 I’d expect that the table would be warp free


@Luke @robgrz All I want for Christmas is an HDM with a 48 x 30 cutting area :grinning:


What kind of foam would you recommend?

Yeah… Uline told me to turn it upside down and let it sit in the room where it will be installed for 24 hours. If it doesn’t flatten out, they’ll send another.


Just a sheet of open cell foam from a machine delivery from my previous job under my Pro XXL (like to inexpensive upholstery foam), my XL has a pair of Harbor Freight anti-fatigue mats under it.

Some folks use insulation foam as is used for buildings.

Uline told me to flip it over for 24 hours and see if it went flat. It did not change…


I built my enclosure using 1" x 1" 20x/20 extruded aluminum with Plaskolite covering (From Lowe’s). A sheet of 4x8 x 1/4" weighs in a 9 lbs +_ and very reasonable.

If you have any additional questions please message me for more details.

The exterior connector has 4 neodymium batteries built it to connect to the matching polarity on the internal plate to facilitate easy removal/attachment to my vacuum system.


Plaskolite is easy to cut … but make sure you blow out any debris that gets into the honey comb channels before you install it.

I will probably replace the front panel with clear plexi-glass to provide better visibility but otherwise it functions well as a dust containment cover and provides a certain level of noise abatement … not perfect but better that wide open. Note the back of the cage does not go all the way down,This allows for air pass through during operations and vacuuming and also allows me to pass longer projects through the back if needed.

Wow that looks great. I like that setup.

Uline sent a new Maple top. This one is much less warped, so it may go flat. But it does have a small crack in the wood. Seems like a hit or miss with the Maple tops.

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