Table Reccomendations for HDM?

I have an HDM on order and I need a table for it to go on when it arrives. Ideally I’d like to make an enclosure in the future. Has anyone done an enclosure that sits on an existing table?
I have been looking at the uline tables. Does anyone else have recommendations?

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Not sure the budget you are planning, but I designed a 80/20 enclosure that I am working on building right now, you could start with the base and add on the enclosure after. It is expensive though, prices are 50% higher then last year on metals etc.

HDM Enclosure

Its a really nice looking enclosure. I was budgeting ~$600 for a table alone. I don’t think I’d need as tall of an enclosure or TV on the back.
What did the whole enclosure run you?

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8020 order came out to 2500 for the extrusion including the 12 hinges (30 each), 4 door handles($21 each), and 8 spring latches($25 each).
Add in almost 400 for shipping, and 200 for tax, total came out to 3100.

8020 wanted $500 for 100 stainless anchor fasteners, I am getting them for $200 from and replacing the cheaper 100 black carbon bolts that they come with, with stainless for $40 from bolt depot.
Panel gaskets are $80 for a 100 yard roll.
Casters are 40 dollars from Amazon.
1 sheet of finished hardwood plywood, $80
I piece of 18 gauge stainless $380
PLA spools for trim and accessories, $500
Bolts and t-nuts for trim and upper panels $150.00
Alupoly and Clear Polycarbonate panels came out to 780.00

Add in lighting and dust collection parts, video camera, and a CNC machine…

Just ordered the stainless sheet, up 50% over my last purchase, the panels cost 35% more then last year!

@Aklimaj you might want to consider a Little Giant pallet stand. They range in price from $400 all the way up to $800.


Oh wow that is much higher than I would have thought. Its been a while since I’ve purchased aluminum extrusion.

I think a wood enclosure would be fine for my use case.

Those a pretty good looking. The HDM is around 42x35 inches. So the 48x40 Little Giant Pallet Stand could be a decent option.

That Little Giant frame looks awesome.

If you choose wood, make sure to have something like a torsion box top and plenty of cross bracing on the legs. The linear rail and ball screw system means that it can accelerate and decelerate the mass of the axis quickly. That inertia will make a less sturdy frame say and dance. :smiley:

You can also see if a local welder can make you a frame.

I have my unit on a steel framed bench - with a kitchen grade granite top. Over here it’s significantly cheaper to buy workbenches without the top (unsure about America). A granite top can then be added pretty cheaply and is wear resistant and very flat.

I use these frames.

If I were in the US I’d take a good look at the U-line range - they come in a bunch of sizes and have a welded range that is shipped whole to you.

I also have the table bolted to the wall - which I’d advise.


Thanks for the info. One of the uline packing tables with a wood top could be easy to add a wood enclosure to. BTW, I remember seeing that you work in the machine shop at the U. My wife is a research professor in Ortho at the U and has a machine shop there.

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I’m leaning towards the Uline tables. With the HDM at 42x35 inches, would a 48x36 or 60x36 inch table be deep enough? The front and back of the machine would pretty much be flush with the edge of the table.

36" would be more than enough to support the base frame.


If anyone is curious the 72x36 welded table is $700.00 shipped after taxes. I’m on the fence about getting the Uline table or to grab another Husky adjustable work bench and join them back to back with a sheet of .75 birch plywood as I already own 1. Someone else posted using 2 of them for his XXL Pro machine. I do like the idea of adding a granite top but I imagine a 36" x 72" slab is far from cheap in the US. Maybe smaller flawed pieces could be sectioned together for cheap. I will look around maybe I can get lucky.

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I like the look of those tables but might be concerned about the weight capacity. With the HDM weighing 250lbs and those tables supporting 300. Maybe two of those back to back with a piece of wood on top would be fine.

I’m at the School of Medicine Machine Shop. We’re a small operation, but we do a good bit of work for Ortho though. They are really good at breaking things. :smiley:


So did I, then I found out I have a granite company 20 miles from me - I had a 150x75x3cm quoted and it was £150 - birch ply top about the same size but 2" thick was a couple of £ more when added with the bench legs. I might be the in 1% here with something in the UK cheaper than the US.

I wasn’t precious about what it looked like but it is a lovely bit of granite.


Yeah, kitchen countertop suppliers have these in bulk — if you’re willing to accept an offcut, or a piece which isn’t a proportion they can sell, it can be quite cheap.

I ordered the 48x36 uline packing table with a maple top. It will arrive tomorrow. Ended up being around $800 with freight shipping and lift gate service. I did get a free yoga mat and towel…


The table just arrived and the maple wood top is severely warped.

My suggestion here would be to put a piece of foam between the table top and the machine — in addition to taking out the unevenness, it will help dampen and deaden vibration and noise.