Table Size for Shapeoko Pro XXL

Hello, new to the forum here!

I am close to placing my order for the Shapeoko Pro XXL, and wanted to make sure it fit in the location I need it. What would be the table size needed to have no overhang on any axis?

The context for this question is that I would like to screw on medium height (~12") acrylic panels to the side of said table for chip collection. Any part overhanging (wires, electronics, etc) would interfere with the side panels.


Specifications (XXL Pro):

  • Cutting Area: 33"(X) x 33"(Y) x 4"(Z)
  • Footprint: 50" (X), 42" (Y), 19" (Z)
  • Weight: 175 lbs

In terms of Y…you need about another 5+ inches to account for sweepy (will measure that later.

If you are building an enclosure, make sure you leave extra x and y for both the enclosure and sound installation.

I made my table 54 x 49 (MDF is 49” wide). I’m ok with 49” but wish I would have gone 56 or 58 inches on the x