Table Top For the Pro XXL

Hello. Will the PRO XXL fit on a 48x48 table top? I know the footprint is 50x42 but will the feet fit within the 48x48? If I don’t have to build another table that will be great…

Yes, it will fit. When i first got mine I had it set up at the end of a table that was made from a sheet of plywood. If I remember correctly, the sides overhung by a little, but it was fine.

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Yes, @ProfessorEcks is right. I made a 43x48 table top from a sheet of plywood. It overhangs the sides just a little, but it isn’t critical based on how the hybrid table is assembled. I would suggest cutting the length down on that table from 48 to more like 42 or 43. That assumes you are building a table. It will give you more room in your shop area.

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