Tabs dissappearing

I’m trying to put tabs on a rectangle and can’t get the to stay. While applying they have a red circle around them and when i go back to design the tabs disappear. I tried loading a picture.

Please upload the .c2d file here or to

This happens sometimes when I change the parameters of the rectangle (square/fillet corners etc ) and trigger the radius limits message. This could be intentional as applying different corners could remove the perimeter of the rectangle where the tabs were originally located. If this is what is happening to you, I have been able to avoid it by not applying tabs until done modifying the rectangle.

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OK, this is weird. I created a rectangle & added tabs. I selected the rectangle & changed the size. The tabs disappeared as I expected. But I can no longer add tabs to that vector. I can add them to other vectors. ???

In my experience:

  • scaling a rectangle symmetrically leaves tabs in place
  • drag-scaling a rectangle asymmetrically along one axis leaves tabs in place
  • enable a corner effect will leave tabs in place so long as the corner effect is not so large as to reach/affect where the tabs are — once a tab is so removed it will not come back when the corner effect is reduced in size

Once tabs are so removed they may be re-created.

I just had this issue, where the tabs were not saving. They would appear fine (with red circle) as I set them, but after I clicked “OK” they would disappear.

I created a new shapes (rectangles) and tried again with the same results.

I was able to resolve it by saving my file and exiting CC. Restarted CC, opened my file and I was able to add tabs to the original geometry. :man_shrugging:

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