Tabs in Carbide Create

I cant make Tabs in Carbide Create. I watched the training videos on Carbide 3D but the screen on the training video is not the same as mine. On my toolpath I can size the tabs but it will not allow me to snap them on to my design. I have a box to ignore tabs but that it is not checked. Please help.

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In v7, as noted at:

Tabs are now a part of the vectors, not contour toolpaths.

We added a new tab command to add tabs to a vector. If you copy the vector, you copy the tabs too. This should be helpful for users that are doing production work where they may want to fine-tune the machining of a single item and then copy and paste an array of them for full production.

Look for the new command here:

New tabs command


As @WillAdams showed they moved where you add the tabs. In the tool path you set the size of the tab. Then go to design and highlight the object you want to have tabs. Then click on the button shown by Will Adams and click where you want them. Then just save your file. Easy Peasy.

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