Tabs not working?

Hello, I recently overcame my troubles with machining aluminum. While cutting a piece, I noticed that the tabs weren’t there. Is there any reason for this? If I can fix the problem in carbide, the table is still set up and the cut can be saved. If not, I have no clue. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!!!
Edit- I actually see where the tab is, but the tab is smaller and shorter than what I set in carbide create

Post the .c2d file, generated G-Code and a photo of the part with the tabs and a ruler?

I can’t think of a way to put material back — perhaps adhere the part to the baseplate with cyanoacrylate glue?

I updated carbide and it started to leave material in the places I wanted. The problem is when it went past the previous pass, it did the same thing where it cut off some of the tab. The tab was supposed to be from stock bottom to stock top, however it’s almost halfway down. I’ll have a picture when it’s done, and I’ll also add the file when I’m done. Thank you!

I have had problems with tabs when I modify a tool path. The old tabs show up in 4.64 CC but do not really cut. I have found that I cannot get the ghost tabs to go away even by clearing them. I upgraded to 4.74 and have not made any tabs. Are you modifying your tool path after making them?


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