Tacky Spray for holding parts?

Has anyone seen or used a kind spray adhesive that would act like double stick tape, but not like glue!
I am wanting something to quickly spray on the back of my work piece so that when parts are cut free, they stay where they are.
When the job is finished, it is not too hard to pry apart and has easy cleanup with a solvent.

Just wondering if something like that is already in use out there. Anyone try something like this?

I tried 3M “removable” adhesive (it’s sort of like a super sticky post-it) - doesn’t grip well enough. Super 77 is too hard to get off. The double stick tape is easy, but it really doesn’t work all that well compared to a real clamp. You’re better off with a clamping system of some kind, and use meshcam to put in supports around the parts when you generate the toolpath. Meshcam is SUPER easy to use to do this. The hand work to clean up the supports after the job might be a killer for you, depends on the parts you’re trying to make.

Suggestion… T-Tracks with machine built wood jigs. Use some of those drawer liner rubber things and glue those to the edges of the wood. You will be surprised how well the rubber holds things into place. The plus side is you can always re-size the wood holders as needed. Cheap and easy solution. You can even use the rubber liners to make something underneath to allow machining all the way through the stock. Use like strips of it top and bottom and let it cut the full depth. it won’t hit the waste board this way.

One option that works well and meets what you are looking for is get 2-3 inch painters tape. Put a piece on you waste board and matching piece on your project piece. Then use super glue on one side and super glue activator on the other tape. Put the two pieces together so the adhere to each other. The work piece wont move on the wasteboard and when you pry it up the tape will come off one piece or the other. Simply remove the tape from the opposite side and you are done. The super glue will hold the two pieces of tape tightly together but you can easily remove it from both pieces and throw the glued tape pieces away. It has worked very well for me when I needed this application.

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Hot glue releases with denatured alcohol, double sided tape works well.

That sounds like an excellent idea. I mostly cut completely through my stock to built up layers.
I have plenty of clamp stuff but since I use pretty much only Carbide Create and Motion, tabs are not an option yet.

And thanks to all for the discussion.