Tag Posts to find again

OK, let’s say I am reading a post and have to leave for whatever reason.
When I get back, I want to get back into it but do not remember what post it was.
How can I get back to the post?

Does your browser have an option for Reading?

I see that you can bookmark a post, but I don’t how to see your bookmarks. ??

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Ah, good point, you can use a Bookmark to get a reminder at a later time:

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Reading option? I am not aware of this.

Ah, so it sets a 1-time reminder/notification. Which I assume you would see when you returned.

Otherwise, you could bookmark/favorite it in the browser.

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I’ll give this a go.


Some browsers have an option for capturing a page to read later:

If you click on your icon/avatar in the top right, you’ll see a bookmark symbol. That’s how you get to your bookmarks if you just want to save them and not necessarily be reminded.