Tapered ball nose endmills in Carbide Create

Q: Can’t a 6.2 degree TBN be added to the v-bit library?
If not, why?

Followup Q: What is the smallest angle v-bit supported?


Because that tool geometry is not supported by Carbide Create. The tools which we have which have this geometry, the #501 and #502 are not so entered.

There is probably a point at which the V angle is so small that at a typical depth of cut doesn’t remove a full element from the 3D model — not sure what that is, and it may be a part of why the #501 and #502 are not entered as V endmills.

The smallest tools I’ve used are the #45771-K from:

and a Kyocera 1/8" 90 degree V endmill

Thanks for the quick response.
I purchased, but have not yet used, a 15 degree sign making bit (re: Amana Tool 45611-K 15 Degree Engraving 0.005 Tip Width x 1/4 SHK x 2-1/4 Inch Long Sign making Router Bit

Do you know if this bit will be supported if I entered it into the tool DB?

I just tried a quick test with a 1° Vee Bit. Looks like it works. Your 15° should work fine.


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Wow, thanks for such a quick response…I really appreciate it!