Tapped holes on side of router mount

Just curious, does anyone know if these holes have a specific purpose? I was planning to use it to mount my air blast (thus far been mounted with zip ties).

I seem to remember @wmoy or @Luke mentioning it was to allow air blast/mist.


OR a nice place to mount a piece of steel so you have a place to mount a magnetic base and indicator…for those of us that use an indicator for our second side machining…


Can you tell a little more about how you use the indicator? Or any links or search terms to learn more?

And yeah, makes sense. Thanks both of you. I just ran to the store to get an M5 bolt and got my air blast mounted. No more zip ties and painters tape for me.

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Here is a photo from my Instagram (JPL_Richard). I am setting up a rotary 4th axis. There is a setup bar in the 4th, and you use it to make sure the 4th is level and parallel to the X-Axis. This is just one of many examples.