Tea Pot / Tea Cup Model

I am looking for a decent tea pot / tea cup model that can be used in Vectric Aspire for making a box lid. So far everything I have found and tried has come out looking like crap. Anyone have or know of a place where I can get a model for a box lid that will look good. If someone were willing to make one I would be willing to pay a nominal price but since this is a one time use item it would have to be reasonable.

I looked at the Design and Make models and they are two ornate for what I am looking for.


Do you have any images of what you are looking for? If you find an image on Google (preferably a drawn image not a photo) I can have a go at drawing something up. I use aspire v9

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Something like this without the heatwave and all the little dimples. It would be for a 3D carving on a box lid.

Thanks for offering to help.

That’s a stock illustration from a stock photo site — probably a vector illustration — pay for it, then remove what you don’t want?

I am wanting a 3D model Will not a vector model.

Tutorial on taking vector elements and making them into 3D using the modeling features in Carbide Create Pro:

Apparently the 3D modeling features in CC Pro are modeled along the lines of those in Vectric Aspire, so the principles ought to apply there.


Here is the (screenshot) model for a simple teapot lid. I dont think I can attach models directly to the post on the forum and I have no access to online cloud storage while at work. If you want to DM me I can send via email. I have .obj file and .stl formats …although the stl file will not be able to cut under / around the handle from a top down…likewise underneath it would not be concave…just flat unless you did a 2 sided job. If you need a specific format let me know…

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I find most of my models as STL, and OBJ files on 3d printing sites for free. Like Thingyverse.
You use Aspire, so you can import those models, and re position, and scale them, then flatten them down, to make a Bas Relief. It works most of the time.
Often, tho the models will have a poor resolution, and flat triangles everywhere.
In that case you need smooth, or even import into another 3d program, like Sculptris, orBlender, and Subdivide.

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Thanks Jerry. I looked around on several and didnt find what I was looking for. I will spend some more time and see if I can find something suitable.

I’m looking too. I’m bored, so I’ll see what I can do too.
Probably 2 different models that will need to be merged.
Everyday items make some of the most useful clipart.

I suck at this graphics stuff to which makes it more difficult. But I have been learning over the years.

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Credit to sprocket1597, and luffyyykun, for the original models.
The model is .46" thick. 11 inches wide.
I hope this helps.teapot and tea cup with saucer.stl (2.4 MB)
(upload://5D4rUX5SZC6jYS5IfMZIYv70VHX.stl) (2.4 MB)


You can use a 3d model, reduce the thickness, and then slice it flat on one side.

Edit: Like @jdg3 just did!

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This is my favorite tutorial for making 3d shapes from vectors.
I cheated with your teapot, but with more time I could’ve done it with the vectors from your photo, like in this tutorial.
It really helped me to understand layers, and the difference between adding, and merging parts.
There’s an older one too, but i believe they are the same. This workflow will work with most 3d software.


Thank you Jerry. I will play with that and try to learn some more.

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