Technical Support?

anyone know what’s up with technical support? I had a stepper motor go bad, wrote an email on Sunday. Monday morning I got a reply with some things to check to help diagnose the issue (as expected), then nothing but crickets. I’ve left messages on the voice mail, sent a couple emails with videos showing the issues and “0” in return. I’ve been down for 3 days now with a Kickstarter deadline approaching and feel like I’m left dangling in the wind. this doesn’t fit there reputation, are they having issues??

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Mondays can be a bit slow as we work through tickets from the weekend, but we will do our best to address your query as we work through the queue.

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I’ve been waiting almost three weeks for a reply. I’ve sent four emails and crickets over here too. I think the “reputation” needs to catch up with the reality. I don’t have the kickstarter deadline but I did miss a delivery deadline on an order and I’m still hamstrung so I feel your pain.

Mondays though, I guess. :roll_eyes:

I do not see any open tickets which match what you are describing.

Please let me know via a PM the e-mail address you are using and we will do our best to determine what is happening.

PM’d. My ticket has been open for a year already.

sorry, I didn’t bring closure to this post. I received a call the day after I made the post. Brandon ran me through a few simple tests and we determined it was a bad stepper motor. I got the new one in the mail two days later. problem solved
thanks for the great service!!


Good to hear! I also got a reply after three weeks of silent treatment thanks to these posts. Unfortunately for me, since being ignored I had to return to my job which is overseas so now I’m away from my machine for a while. Hopefully when I return to my machine I won’t be ghosted again. More to the point, hopefully I have received a refund by then and I can walk away from this mess.

I’m still interested in the original question though, why and how do emails go ignored for weeks at a time?

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