Tee Corner Type - Question

In this post, @WillAdams used a “Tee” corner type. Strangely, I had never noticed the Tee type before. How i it supposed to be used? I played around with different toolpath options and don’t really see what I see with the example from that post. What is the correct toolpath to use with Tee?

Normally it would be used w/ a pocket toolpath so as to overcut the corners of a pocket so that a square piece of lumber will fit.

Thank you, Will! Helpful as always

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Still a little confused, I guess…I created three rectangles, the 2nd and 3rd were “Tee” and the first is just “Square”…pocketed all three with a 1/8" bit…is this correct?

Yes — toolpaths on geometry w/ T corners usually requires a rather small endmill.

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