Temperatures (Fun with FLIR)

I’ve owned a Nomad 883 for over five years, and have spent the last two months building my new Shapeoko. Yea it really took two months, had to build the enclosure first, and I took my time and had fun.

This weekend I got to run my first job that wasn’t related to building and/or setting up the Shapeoko. Below are some pictures I took with a FLIR (iPhone add on). And some observations.

The hottest major component in the entire setup is the Shop-Vac (107 F). The hot hose is the exhaust which is vented out of the enclosure.

The collet was the hottest part on the Carbide router. Didn’t expect that, very different from my Nomad experience. First time I changed the bit I recoiled from the unexpected pain. But I assume this is normal?

Probably won’t make much difference, but I’m going to add some heatsinks to the motors. I have some (old PC mods) sitting in on the shelf, so low effort.


Some folks have found that the collets on a Carbide Compact Router get hot for the first couple of sessions, but then stop heating up.

Interesting. Are you happy overall with that FLIR camera add-on ? It’s been on my wishlist for a while (not
specifically for CNC), and I managed to keep it in the “too expensive for what I would do with it”, but someday I’ll cave in.

It is definitely in the “too expensive” category for me, but I have a weakness for gadgets like it.

The best option is to talk a friend into buying one and then asking to borrow it after the “new” has worn off. Several of my friends would definitely tell you this is a great idea.


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