Terrible Noise When Jogging in Z

Me again, still having issues with Z Axis. Sent video and information to Carbide Support so hopefully they are able to assist further. So frustrating to have new machine having issues in this one area, which prevents any work being done. Today I tried varying belt tension checked set screws and just overall made sure z axis plates were all properly setup. When I jog up and down in the air it has rapid clunking or jumping noise. I filmed video of the top and bottom pulley and do not see any skipping. Must be something internal i think at this point?

Thats the machine crashing. I’d loosen the Z belt - remove it and try moving the gantry by hand - likely something is blocking the path of the carriage or the Z rails are out of alignment at the bottom Both easy fixes


The z belt is off the bottom pulley. My guess is you didn’t set it or tighten the screw and the belt slipped off.


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holy cow no wonder!!! @Rick you are the man!!!

Rick, you have no tensioning screw (mine came this way too). You can get fairly tight without it, but mine still “skipped” until I got this from Carbide…

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The tensioning screw is there but it’s behind the belt in the picture I posted.

Aha, a second look and I think I see it… good deal. Mine was missing initially.