Terrifying plunge

Hey guys, I need to know what I can do about this.
Whenever I start a job in carbide motion, right after I hit “run”, the z axis plunges down, then it prompts me to insert the bit for the job (which I already have). Now, it hasn’t hit my material yet, but I’m scared it may. Also, this seems very counter intuitive because even if I wanted to do a tool change, a) it happens at the x,y, job zero and b) it drops so low, that changing the bit would not be possible anyway.
I’m sure this is something simple for you guys, so, please help me out if you can.

Need more info before I can help you, but are you using Carbide Create to make your code? (Hint: Look at this setting if you are)

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Hey Rich, this happens when using either meshCam or carbide create. Here’s where I get in trouble for not watching all the training videos (I thought I had) but, is the retract height the distance that the bit drops to above stock at eh start of the job? Or the height that the bit rises to after it’s done a pass? I thought the latter was true.

Carbide Create: IT’S BOTH. I can’t talk about MeshCam, but since they were both written by the same person there is a good chance it’s the same too