Text carve does not like funky French characters


While testing V-carve toolpath on a piece of text, the first letter got left out of the generated toolpath :

The font is Arial - regular.

I guess the toolpath generation algorithm struggles with the cedilla on the initial character, that overlaps the body of the ā€œcā€. If I switch to a different font where the cedilla is attached differently to the character body, sometimes it works fine.

Here is the project file

test_cedilla.c2d (2.4 KB)

Anyway, as a workaround I will be using a different font, but wondered if this was a known issue.

This is a technical choice on the part of the font designer ā€” they can do composite characters as in Arial (where the accents are added as a separate part), or they can unify the outlines as you wish had been done.

You can fix this by doing a Boolean union on the letter and accent.

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The boolean union is a good tip, thanks.