Text on Text as Advanced V carving

as requested on support…

Given a file which when opened (and text size adjusted) looks like:

One can cut it in multiple layers by:

Selecting the text for the top layer and the surrounding geometry:

(current selection(s) appear in orange, contrasting with the black of unselected closed geometry/text)

and cutting as an Advanced V carving to the desired depth:

which previews as:

The second layer requires that we draw up the cut in profile to determine the necessary width to offset (or to do the trigonometry to determine this):


Inset by the measured width:


Select the offset geometry of the text and the geometry for the second layer:

At this point, a Boolean operation may be done, but it is more straight-forward to use the Trim Vectors tool (after cleaning up the underlying geometry to be what it was originally)

Zoom in as necessary:

and click on the elements which are not needed to remove them:

continuing until one arrives at:


Note that when one de-selects the edited geometry is now magenta, indicating it is open/unclosed/unjoined.

Select all the open geometry:

and use Join Vectors to close it:


Selecting the balance of the geometry for the lower text:

One may now assign an Advanced V Carving toolpath which starts at the bottom of the previous toolpath:

which previews as:

Doing this as pockets is simpler geometrically, but more difficult in terms of verisimilitude and tooling.

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