Text PDF or Spreadsheet for Speeds and Feeds instead of image

The link below contains an images for the general S/F of all materials but it is for the Dewalt. I need a spreadsheet or text PDF file so I can update the settings for my Carbide router.

Does anyone have this same chart in text based PDF or spreadsheet? I want to have this for the Carbide 3D Spindle and not the Dewalt. My XXL is completed and I am very excited about learning alot on this machine!

The feeds and speeds from the docs images are in a text format at:


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Plus a whole lot more! Thank you Will!

Oddly enough though, the table does not contain the Carbide3D router.

The Carbide Compact Router is essentially a rebadged Makita — use those numbers.

Good info. Thanks again for your help! Looking forward to becoming proficient with my XXL