Texture backgrounds in Fusion 360?

When I started out, I went with Fusion 360 rather than Vectric. I’m fine with that, except I envy the way Vectric can handle background textures. As far as I know, Fusion can’t, at least, not easily. does anyone know of a technique for adding a background texture in Fusion?


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Not something I’ve ever needed. Form tools could be used to make some organic patterns. Maybe import a texture(s) from elsewhere, use as a tool to cut the spaces of interest.

Go to the insert menu in the Design tab, use Insert: Background Canvas.

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I might have missed something, but I think you were going for an actual modeled or machined texture?
Something like this?

Two ways I can think of right now that wouldn’t be too bad:

  1. Use the Image2Surface add-in with a random grayscale image. (That’s how I just did the example above) Downside would be a long toolpath.
  2. Generate an SVG with varying width “paths” and use an engrave toolpath. The trick here would be to actually use a ball endmill or radiused V. Downside would be no real preview and you’d have to really experiment (and you’ll probably bog down Fusion). It will vary the depth based on the width just like a V-carve.
  3. Carbide Create? (Free)

Sorry, I misunderstood :slight_smile:

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Sorry, yes, I should have been more clear. I’m not interested in rendering the appearance of the surface (which is what “texture” usually means in the Fusion 360 world). I want to have an actual textured surface (as for a sign background) that can be milled.

Thanks Neil, I will give your suggestions a try!

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