Texture Tool Path extending past

the offset. I’m practicing Texture at the bottom of pockets and V carves. To keep the Texture path from crashing into a Pocket wall or V carved wall I’ve created Offsets. Somethimes .05" works sometimes not. Any ideas?

This is a known issue in the current implementation.

The work-around is to inset by the radius of the tool plus 10% or so.

After you texture the bottom of the pocket, what about a clean-up pass around the wall of the pocket afterwards?

Maybe a raised bed look?


That looks nice!

It gives the texturing a nice clean edge too.

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Raised bed.c2d (104 KB)
Just so you know what I did Scott. This was just a quick sample not a project so everything is a default.


Thanks All, I’ll get creative till the fix comes out…

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