That danged C3D support - They did it again!

I’ve been a happy C3D customer going on 2 years. The only two times I’ve need CS is for failed limit sensors. I get it, they fail - no problem. 1st time covered under warranty. Outstanding CS and up and running in a couple days.

This time I knew I was out of warranty, so I called to order. Ring, ring, ring, no answer… No problem, I can put in a ticket via email. Before I even finished the email ticket I got a call back. They are absolutely dedicated to connecting with their customers! Ordered a couple sensors (to have an extra on hand) and an extension in case my Y switch craps out.

Amazing support and the parts arrived in 2 days with standard shipping. I know C3D has been super busy addressing a QC problem with the S5 boards, but they are doing an excellent job and have gained my brand loyalty.

Shout out to management for facing their problem with honesty and integrity. And those folks on the front line do an excellent job for customer service.


Thanks, Mark. We appreciate the note.

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I completely agree! Support is amazing!

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I’ll 2nd that motion!!! Top notch!

I recently had a problem with my right Y axis stuttering a lot at slower speeds. They walked me through a series of tests, even did a live video call and were patient while I was making changes & tests.
Turned out it was a bad cable from the controller to the right Y axis stepper. They sent me a replacement, and also sent a replacement controller board in case it wasn’t the cable.
Turned out it was the cable, and I sent the board back. No charge, and they even covered the return postage as well. The two guys I corresponded with (Luke & Fleming) were awesome! super nice & responsive, and got my through my meltdown… :smiley: Machine is back up & cranking out some sawdust (chips). Can’t say enough good things about these guys.

Thank you, from the heart of my bottom!! :wink:


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