That few seconds pause

…after pressing “Start Job”, before the machine comes for the first cutter to be inserted. Is there a way to eliminate it?

After you hit start the gcode is actually being downloaded to the controller. Not all the gcode is downloaded at once but that is why there is a delay. There is no way to avoid that “pause” because of what is going on. After the gcode portion is loaded you are prompted for the first tool and so on and so on. If the job is big enough this downloading of the job happens over and over and the controller follows the gcode commands and cuts your project. The gcode is buffered into the controller memory and as it is executed more of the gcode is requested from the computer until the end of file is received.

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The GRBL execution buffer is only 127 bytes - it relies on the host to stream data continuously. At 115200 baud (the usual serial speed for GRBL), the buffer will fill in 0.009 seconds.

Whatever is going on during those few seconds, it’s not the program being downloaded to GRBL.


Kinda like it , reminds me to check things

I didn’t notice it being such a long pause until a few weeks ago. Seems like something changed somewhere. Now it’s a long enough pause that I start to think it might not go.

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