The ancient Game of Ur

I created the Game of Ur as a gift for a friend. Uhr is one of the earliest games known to history and as the rules are not entirely clear. Irving Finkel found part of the rules described on an ancient clay tablet that allowed him to recreate what he now believes are the ‘basic’ rules so that we can again enjoy this ancient game.

Vector files can be downloaded here in PDF, AI, EPS and SVG formats. Drop me a line if you need these in a different format.

Game of (858.2 KB)


I forgot to take a picture of the one I gave to my fried, but I have a test version at home that the kids painted :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Enjoy playing!


Thanks for this. If you are interested in ancient board games, here’s a link to a bunch of them. I’ve posted the link before, but I’m sure there’s someone who hasn’t seen it yet.


Its a good game. Made one as a christmas present. It needed a badg-ur :rofl:


Sweet. I will indeed check it out.

Way cool! I have a good friend that collects games. I may be “leveraging” this. :wink:

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Give isopath on youtube a google. It is a good game and readily made on a cnc. I made one with bumble bee counters.

Also Crokinole is a fun make.

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Here are a few of the boards that I made from the images. Also, you’d be surprised to see how much a complementary colored set of marbles kick up the look of the board. I bought the marbles from Moon Marble Co.


iso path seems really cool, everytime I’m at the big box I eye up the hex tiles. Have you actually played it?

Great work. I will be making one for myself.


Yes, it is quite good. Cut EVERYTHING from my cnc.


I have been struggling with this for 2 years

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Excellent! Thanks for sharing. I’ll be making some of these, too!

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Thank you for sharing that file!

My son is going to LOVE this.


Hi LewTibe,

Really nice! Enjoy the game :slightly_smiling_face: with you familiy.

For a status quo fan, clearly not a youngster. The game that keeps giving.


I was channel flipping on Easter Sunday and the movie “The Bible” was on. In a scene where angels were going to Sodom to destroy the wicked there was a scene with Abraham waiting on thier return was playing a game that looked a lot like Ur.


Finally got my machine all setup & up & running.

I made a few changes to the design to accommodate the size stock I had.
I used Bondo mixed with black & red dye to fill in the V-carve.
Dice & Pawns/Buttons are walnut & maple.

Thanks again for sharing. :smiley: