The better bit setter?

I currently have this style bit setter installed on my 3 XXL:

Going the the extras I got with the machine, I came across this type of bit setter:

My friend says it’s made by dog river tools for the shapeoko 3 and he never used it.

Honestly, I’m not a fan of hooking an alligator clamp up to the bit everytime I need to set the bit. However if it’s “better” and offers more accuracy, I’ll deal with it.


You can buy a rare earth magnet that has a bugle head recess and replace the alligator clip with a magnet. You just cut off the alligator clip and put a screw through the magnet recess with a nut to secure the wire. that is the type that C3D uses for the newer Bitzero they sell. You might contact to see if they will sell you the magnet they use.

That is not a BitSetter, but a probe, a 3rd party version of the Carbide 3D BitZero — it allows setting the origin relative to the corner or edge or surface of a rectangular piece of stock.

The Carbide 3D BitZero has circuitry for a “Schmitt Trigger” to debounce the signal, making it more accurate.

A BitSetter does not need that added circuitry since all measurements are relative and it needs to only be precise, not accurate to work well.

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Soooo this is useless?

It’s better than the first one?

They are 2 different items, the first one you linked is a Bitsetter. I would suggest this item is a must if you plan on using multiple tools during a carve, I have used them on every carbide 3d machine I have ever owned and are well worth the investment.
From the Carbide3D store:

The second device you linked is what Carbide3D calls a Bitzero, that lets you set the zero on your work piece. The one you have shown is an aftermarket version of this:

I have personal experience with both the aftermarket version and Carbide 3D’s past and present version of the Bitzero. I found that they all work well, but I much prefer the Carbide 3D version, the newest one with the hole in the corner.
It is a very nice upgrade and sets my zero more accurately due to the upgraded centering ability of multiple touch offs used to determine your zero location.
Carbide 3D’s version is more expensive then the aftermarket for good reason, but if cost is the main consideration, the aftermarket version does work.


Understood. Although I haven’t used it, I’m turned off by the use of the alligator clip anyway. So far, in my learning curve I haven’t had a need for one. I’ll look into the official one when the need arises.

I have the V1 and I use a magnet to attach the alligator clip to the collet. I have been meaning to glue it to the clip for months but haven’t gotten there yet.

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