The BitSetter fell apart

I was showing off my XXL to a visitor today, and noticed the button on the BitSetter was a bit higher than normal.

On further investigation, it appears the button has become unthreaded from a nut inside the case:

The BitSetter is only a few months old, and I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t do this, but (not having taken it off the machine, yet) is it possible to access the inner workings to put it back together, or do I need to return it to Carbide3D for repair? I’m UK based :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Has anyone else had this happen, before I submit a support request, please?

Yes - it has happened a couple of times to me. It’s possible to just screw the plunger back in place. And every now and then I try to remember to screw it in a bit.

Not quite sure how it unscrews itself - it’s not like my Shapeoko suffers from the shakes!

I was thinking someday I’d try to take it apart and apply some Locktite, but haven’t got around to it yet. Not sure that’s advisable either…


Its possible that the machine using it rotates it just a fraction of an amount. And yes, your shapeoko vibrates, or else you wouldnt hear it when its moving :wink: Just the vibrations from cutting might do that.

I would suggest a anti-vibration thread locker like loctite or equivalent, just not anything permanent and you would only need a tiny bit.


Thanks, guys. I’ll take a closer look and see what’s what :+1:

Exactly what mine did awhile back, I used small amount blue thread locker on thread then double sided tape to top to help screw back in place. No issues since repair!


Yep, a bit of non-permanent Loctite and reassembled, so hopefully that will do it for a while.

Looking at the guts of the BitSetter though, I’m surprised there isn’t a hexagonal nut holding the button in, though :thinking:


Same experience, opened it, tightened the nut, never been a problem again - yet.

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