the box for my 3HP VFD

I am still fooling with the box for my 3HP VFD.

I was thinking it would be nice to have a switch on the hot 110 wire, so I could leave the VFD plugged in. It would also allow me to put a fuse on the enclosure. The VFD has no off switch, so it sucks electricity even when it’s not in use. It seemed like to be able to turn the AC supply on and off after shutting the motor down. The in-rush at initial power-on of a VFD whose capacitors are charging creates a extremely sharp current surge that can weld contacts on a switch. Ask me how I know.

Does anyone know how much stress a VFD will put on a disconnect switch at startup? Any recommendations for a VFD powering on and off?

What is the startup current? Is it listed in the documentation? If not, do you have an ammeter? Once you figure out the startup current, size your switch for greater than that.

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