The Carbide 3D Support Team is Top Notch

I have a Shapeoko XXL Pro that I bought last year. I use it every day, but I am technically ignorant.

Recently, my thingamajigee and my whatchamacallit stopped working. Carbide 3D was quick to return my call. We linked up through Facetime, so the tech could see the problems I was having. 36 hours later, a replacement thingamajigee and whatchamacallit arrived via FedEx. We had another video chat and I was back up and running within a couple of hours.

Kuddos to the entire team!


Thanks @ebr, the support team loves reading these.


I agree the support team has been great. Ive had a few issues with my pro xl and support has always been great about sorting things out. One thing i do wish C3D would consider is offering shipping through regular usps instead of only fed ex and ups. For customers like me who are in Canada, courier shipping like fed ex and ups will charge a brokerage fee which is on top of the shipping fee and customs/duties. With the amount of parts already needing replacing, I’m a little worried about what replacement parts may end up costing me now that im out of my one year warranty.

I think we’ll be reevaluating our shipping system early next year. USPS will never be an option for high value items, but we may add it for lower cost items.


Thats great to hear. Its completely understandable not being able to ship heavy machines that way but for things such as endmills, small parts etc, it would be a huge savings for international customers :grinning:

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