The double-sided tape thread

Does cutting into the painter’s tape used in the tape + super glue method gum up cutters?

I don’t try to cut into the tape, but it happens. When it does, I’ve noticed some tape on the cutter, but it doesn’t “gum up” anything any more than an MDF buildup does. I just clean it off.

Just keep in mind that the two layers of tape with a glue layer can add over 0.010" to the thickness of the part. That doesn’t matter unless you are Z-zeroing to the wasteboard (or you haven’t used the measured thickness of your part in your gcode.)


The goal is to get the Z-zero so you just don’t quite hit the tape. :slight_smile: If you do hit the tape it pretty much chops up into small pieces and some residue gets left on the end mill which wipes off quite easily.

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Intertape 591/BEIG136 591 Double Sided Flat Back Paper Tape: 1" x 36 yd, Beige ($11-$14)

(Amazon Link)

Works well for 1/2" - 3/4" plywood, and 1/2" acrylic. Sticks to milled MDF (multiple strips for larger pieces). Leaves no residue. Could potentially gum an endmill if you mill into it repeatedly.

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Ouch! horses for courses I guess.

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I’ve been using this Duck Tape brand carpet tape as well and I really like. Stays put when needed and easily removed. I get mine on Amazon here.

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