The Ear Situation

I recall an earlier thread about issues with the ears but when they were back in stock (for a little while) I ordered them. Looks like the issues still remain.

  1. The threaded holes which are used to relocate the X switch aren’t tapped correctly so the bolts will never tighten. There is some evidence of treading but mostly its a few shallow ridges in the aluminium. Really poor manufacturing job.

  2. On the right ear in order to install it you have to back way off of the normal 5mm standoff position. Looks like you lose at least 10mm on the X axis due to clearance issues. Guessing this is not solvable

Please contact us about this at and we’ll do our best to work through this with you.

Your call is important to us…

Approaching 24 hour mark on support reply

Honestly you are likely better off just using longer screws and nuts on them. I requested replacements, but just received another pair with the same exact issue.

I had no clearance issues with using nuts, and it’s likely more secure than threads in the lightweight aluminum anyway.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Will try to source an appropriate nut and bolt although metric in the US at the local hardware is challenging at times.

Don’t understand how this is happening–even a software guy like me can look at it and tell immediately that the threads are buggered.

(Re)homing after installation how much X did you loose?

My understanding is installing the Suckit and Ears reverts one to the distance the machine could travel before installing the HDZ.

Recently worked up a bit on finding the HDZ settings and transferring them into Grbl after re-applying the normal ones — not recalling where that got posted to at the moment.

I tried the nut option. I can get a nut on the existing 35mm screw (barely) but the next screw size available to me is 40mm which I am sure is not going to clear that white suck-it bracket. Also when I went to mount the suck-it bracket I discovered the thread problem with one of the two holes to mount the bracket (red circle). 3 out of 4 holes on the ear have bad threads. I could get some more nuts but it seems like a kind of a hacky mess to work around bad parts.

Use a dremel and cut the “too long” bolt off to a length that will work. I have to do it all the time. Just remember to file or lightly grind the cut “edges” off so the nut will thread on nicely.

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Pro tip: when cutting a bolt, put the nut on first then cut it, then remove the nut. The nut will help clean up the mangled threads…


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