The spindle shaft moves

I keep getting machining errors, and I checked and found that the spindle’s axis is moving, what should I do to fix this?
The X-axis direction is okay, but there is quite a bit of error in the Y-axis direction.
It’s a recent problem, but the bolt or the nut on the shaft hasn’t been loosened, is it a bearing problem?

When a 52mm hole is processed, it almost fits in the X-axis direction, but it is processed to be about 0.2mm smaller in the Y-axis direction.
If you move X and Y by the specified distance in the test, then it moves exactly.
However, there is a problem when processing.
I think the problem is that the spindle shaft is not properly fixed and moves when you hold it with your hand and shake it.
Where should I repair it?

I’ve looked it up a little and I think it’s the same problem.

Contact us about this at and we will get it worked out.

I sent you an email.
I’ll be waiting for the reply.

I sent you an email, so please check and reply.
[private email edited out]

I sent you an email, how much longer do I have to wait to get an answer?

I was able to look up your e-mail from the moderation history of your previous post.

You should have received an automated answer almost immediately.

We have a ticket open for your problem which notes that you need a new spindle. We’ll check on this and try to get you an updated status as quickly as we can.

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