The Streets Cribbage Board

I splurged and got some ziricote wood and quilted maple.

Had an idea to mark out 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th street markers on the player track. Going to inlay the markers with Osage Orange. Should be a pretty cool effect.

The player track is getting inlayed with Pepperwood Burl and Karelian Burch Burl

Cheers :beers:!


Spectacular as always! :+1:


I recently was given some Bodark. I looked all over the place and could not find a definition of Bodark as a species. Well it turns out it was just my friends deep East Texas accent and/or pronouncement of Bois d’ arc (Maclura pomifera), AKA Osage Orange. The Osage Orange was used by native Americans in this area to make bows. The tree makes a fruit they say is not edible. I had seen those green things laying on the ground and did not know where they came from or what they were.


I have a large board and a length of a log. I have a plan to make a box out of the large board and turn 2 bowls from the log.

So my Bodark will hopefully turn out to be something pretty.

Here is the log.

Here is the board.


Nice! I’ve had a slab of it for a long time, no idea what to make of it.

The Ziricote is incredibly dense and was super cool cutting into. Around the outside of the circles, I figured it would break apart as the material machined was a hair width. The fusion simulation showed it being taken out in the middle part, but it held itself together.

Trying to figure out what color for the lines to put in. Thinking gold?

In Indiana we call it hedge and those are hedge apples. It is a very hard wood and when you can get a nice slab of it you are lucky. Most of it is burnt or used for pallets. But like i said if you can get a nice slab you can turn it into something nice it has wonderful color to it.


Some woods turn dark over time live Bloodwood and Cherry. Does anyone know if the Osage Orange turns darker over time?

It darkens to brown with exposure to UV light.


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