The wife wasn't even MAD!

SO the XXL showed up today, I kinda gave her warning but she really didn’t know what to expect. I had (parents owned) a 5’x10’ table before so she was sorta relived to see a little box sitting outside when we came home today.

So here are all my pictures of me unboxing it! No I won’t do that to you. Tonight I plan on taking it out of the box and checking everything over making sure the parts are there and in good condition. I might start assembling it, I’m assuming there’s no harm in assembling it and then moving it to it’s final rest home. I will align and square everything once I have the structure/enclosure built. I think the enclosure will be built at my fathers, he’s setup for wood working where I’m setup up for metal. I’ll post picture as we progress to get some feed back and tips, this will not be an over the top build. I’ve seen alot of awesome setups and I’ve seen some that make me think well if they work for them then why go through all the trouble.

let the fun begin!!



have fun and give the wife a hug. maybe cnc her some nice signs for the restroom or something like that. u know, wifes also wanna play toy if hubby got new toy :wink:

Haha I love your work, your lady I’ll come to love the shapeoko, just create some nice stuff for her, or get her involved in it. :wink:

My girlfriend and I designed a clock for her brother and his wife as a wedding gift… it’s a lot easier to spend money on material and endmills when she likes what’s coming out the other end!

I look forward to seeing your projects, please share as much as you can :smile:

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